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Safety: a priority for electric co-ops

Chris Meyers

Caring for the communities they serve is imperative to electric cooperatives. As an invested partner in your community, your co-op genuinely cares about your family, neighbors and loved ones. This involves making sure that we work in a safe manner and that we help to inform consumers about the importance of safety around electricity. Electric power is a vital commodity, but it is also a powerful force; if not used safely, it can be life-threatening.

I thought it would be fitting to provide a few helpful reminders regarding potential exposure to electricity:
  • If working with tall ladders, cleaning gutters or trimming trees, or undertaking other projects outside, we remind you to look up for and stay safely away from overhead power lines, including those connected to your home.
  • If a project involves digging, be sure to call 8-1-1 a few working days in advance to get underground utilities marked (see story on Page 25 for more on digging safely).
  • Help children understand the importance of staying away from electric utility equipment, to never climb trees near power lines, and to fly kites in open spaces safely away from power lines.
  • Know how to prepare for and stay safe after storms and other natural disasters that could leave behind hidden electrical hazards, such as downed power lines and submerged electrical devices.
Your co-op doesn’t want anyone to take a chance that could end in a tragic outcome. To learn more, we encourage you to visit www.SafeElectricity.org, where you’ll find life-saving information presented in videos, interactive games for children, online teacher resources and much more.

We are known for having one of the safest and most reliable electric grids in the world, but we are not going to rest on these laurels. Electric cooperatives value your safety and well-being and we’ll continue to educate co-op consumer-owners on important safety considerations. Our members are worth every effort.