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What is ACRE?
More than 42 million Americans can claim ownership in a not-for-profit consumer-controlled utility, like the electric cooperatives that are members of OAEC and that provide electricity at cost. The ACRE Co-op Owners for Political Action program is an exciting opportunity for member-owners to raise their voices and participate in the political process.
Disclaimer ACRE Highlights  Membership Information
You may contribute to ACRE only if you meet certain eligibility requirements. Contributions to ACRE are not tax deductible.  All contributions to ACRE are voluntary and will be used for political purposes.  

The Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE) of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association qualifies as a multi-candidate committee and has been registered with the Federal Election Commission.  

ACRE supports elected officials who:
  • Help keep co-op electric service available
  • Keep electricity bills affordable
  • Assist co-op member owners’ efforts to become more energy efficient
  • Make renewable energy affordable
  • Help co-ops rebuild after a storm
  • Protect co-op economies and jobs when making energy laws
If you have any questions or comments about ACRE, please contact Stacy Howeth, OAEC legislative liaison.

Legislative Contacts

Jim Reese
Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Chris Meyers
General Manager/CEO
Stacy Howeth
Director of Member Services