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Our Mission
Grassroots - the unified efforts and voices of the nation’s electric co-op supporters -- has proven to be the foundation of the industry’s 65-years of success in serving electric co-ops, their owners and their communities by:
  • Taking an active role in the political process to protect your co-op from harmful legislation and regulation
  • Promoting the value of co-op ownership to legislators
  • Communicating with local and state legislators on issues affecting electric co-ops
  • Supporting efforts from co-op supporters through Stand Up for Rural Electrification (SURE) to help candidates who want to protect electric cooperatives and co-ops’ mission.
Get Connected Upcoming Events Co-op Capitol Visits
Join the millions of Americans who have asked their elected officials to keep their electricy safe, affordable and reliable! Click here to join Check back for upcoming events Cooperative leaders and members are encouraged to visit the Capitol.  Contact Stacy Howeth to schedule a cooperative visit to observe the state legislative process and meet with your local legislators. 

Legislative Contacts

Jim Reese
Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Chris Meyers
General Manager/CEO
Stacy Howeth
Director of Member Services