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Legislative Center
Oklahoma State
Committee Information
Chair: Kenny Knowles - Dist. 3
Vice Chair: Mark Snowden - Dist. 4
Secretary: Patrick Grace
District 1: Gary Cooper
District 2: Bill Kimbrell
District 5: Steve Marak
Member at Large: Tyson Littau
Member at Large: Dwight Luther
SURE Highlights Oklahoma Voter Information Membership Details
  • A state PAC for Oklahoma Rural Electric Cooperatives
  • Open to all directors, attorneys, managers, employees of electric cooperatives and their families
  • Membership year is Jan. 1-Dec. 31 
Don’t miss out on your right to participate in our government.  Click here for voter information. STAR= $100/year or $8.34/month

2 STAR= $200/year or $16.67/month

3 STAR= $300/year or $25/month

Contact Stacy Howeth to contribute.

Legislative Contacts

Jim Reese
Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Chris Meyers
General Manager/CEO
Stacy Howeth
Director of Member Services