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Safety & Loss Control
Safety First
OAEC is a proud member of Safe Electricity.  

Safety & Loss Control
Our Mission
The Safety and Loss Control staff is committed to provide S & LC programming which emphasize safe working practices for the well being of rural electric employees, the membership and the public. The S & LC staff will use the Oklahoma Electric Self Insured Fund loss data as a tool for curriculum development, training and safety programming.
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We provide each member system annually with safety visits, including at a minimum:
  • Nine operations safety visits lasting up to four hours in meeting format and up to four hours of compliance or crew inspection
  • Three office safety visits lasting a minimum of one hour
We offer any assistance necessary as requested by Member Systems in any or all phases of loss control. See a list of the 16 slated programs we provide.
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Safety and Loss Control

Derec Janaway
Director of Loss Control 
Traci Boyd
Loss Control Assistant
Greg Hambrick
S&LC Instructor
Wade Hurst
S&LC Instructor
Roy O' Day
Director of Loss Control New Mexico 
Cade Standifer
S&LC Instructor New Mexico